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Assisting with the negotiation of contracts with commissioners of care, and with reinstatement of suspended contracts; maximising the home’s income; marketing and advertising

  • We advise on maximising occupancy levels where this has been a problem; we know the techniques that really work. We have assisted home owners to promote and advertise their services to the right target audience, including the design of brochures and writing effective letters to secure referrals.

  • Contracts with Social Services are often based on a limited fee agreement; a “one price fits all” policy. Residents have different needs; based on dependency levels, we use a model where the actual care required can be costed, which informs negotiations with the commissioning bodies – specifically Social Services and Primary Care Trusts. The true cost of care needs to be reflected in the fees.

  • Case study 1: Through careful negotiations based on true costings, a home was able to secure Social Services funding at an average level of £70 per week more per resident than the contract was originally paying.

  • Case study 2: The local Primary Care Trust reassessed residents who were fully funded by the NHS in a nursing home, changing the assessment criteria. Funding was withdrawn for three residents. We supported the families in bringing successful appeals, and NHS funding has been secured for life for all three residents.

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