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Regulation and Ratings

We assist and support homes facing regulatory challenges, such as adverse inspection reports / low ratings, enforcement action, and provide advice on essential documentation such as the Provider Information Collection / Return (PIC / PIR) and statutory notifications.

  • negotiating with the CQC the withdrawal of notices of proposal to cancel the registration of homes.

  • Challenging statutory notices and other formal action by the CQC, including meetings with senior managers to negotiate resolutions to the action; or otherwise assisting homes to comply with enforcement action where it has been made appropriately.

  • Successfully challenging the outcomes / ratings of inspection reports by regulators, achieving changes in factual content and withdrawal of unsubstantiated opinion. He has highlighted in many cases arbitrary and inconsistent comments, scoring and ratings. Angie & Rob undertake independent ´health check´ inspections and provide reports to inform owners / managers of action needed, or to confirm or counter the findings of the CQC.

Rob is skilled in writing Action / Improvement Plans in response to statutory requirements and enforcement action, and helps owners and managers through the process of compliance.

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